New Spiral Slicer Cutter

Kitchen Tool Vegetable Fruit Spiralizer Twister Peeler. With the spiral slicer you can conjure up endless julienne strips of carrot,radish,cucumber and all kinds of other firm.

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1. Remove the Cap from the Slicer.

2. Put the Vegetable upright in the centre of the Slicer’s cone and twist it in with a consistent forward force.

3. Keep twisting the Vegetable to produce endless spirals.

4. Use the provided cap when the Vegetable gets shorter to minimize wastage.

  • Award Winning – Voted BEST NEW PRODUCT by The Gourmet Retailer
  • Home Chef Pro is the only Spiral Slicer with its own Professional Chef Low Carb Heart Healthy Veggie Recipe &
  • Fruit & Vegetable tool – GREAT for zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, squash and more. Also the PERFECT tool to make delicious    curly fries for those cheat days when you dont want to eat LOW CARB!
  • Easy to Clean – NO SPECIAL BRUSH NEEDED & Dishwasher Safe – Ergonomic grip makes it Easy to Use even for those with    Arthritis – Small enough to Store Away in your drawer.


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