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Children Intellective learning laptops

  • Letters: learning letters, writing letters, same letter , after or before ,arranging letters and letter test
  • Words: learning, spelling, beginning, vowels, missing letters, correct the word, scramble, find the word, find the picture, word test and word guess.
  • Math: learning numbers, writing numbers, spelling numbers, find the number, arrange numbers, number test, comparing numbers, even or odd, add it, subtract it, addition, multiplication and division, missing numbers, missing sign, exercise 1&2, fill it up.
  • Music: learning note, finding note, note test, music test, music time, play song, random
  • Tools: clock, aminationary
  • Grammar: plural, synonym, antonym, past tense and past participle
  • Keyboard: touch typing, typing 1, 2 & 3
  • Memory: find the same numbers, letters and picture, pairing the numbers, letters and pictures
  • Games: working order, dropping, worm run, repair the holes, connected graph, explorer, jumper, puzzle, painting
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GHS 200.00

3 reviews for Children Intellective learning laptops

  1. efua nkansah

    nice products for kids

  2. Judith

    Price and discount

  3. Andrewawaib

    Awesome personality of expression. Keep it up!

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