Animal Labyrinth Circles The Bead Series

Let the baby random moving back and forth beads, will the orbit of the twists and turns of the beads from one end to the other side dial, and can also let the baby for the number of beads, also can side dial the part number, can good exercise baby wrist flexibility, both hands with alternate ability, in the game will be able to train the baby’s visual chasing ability. Make the baby do eye coordination and at the same time also can cultivate baby number beads count, let the baby for simple addition and subtraction operations.

  • Improve Recognition & Logic Thinking
  • Improve Imagination
  • Improve Thinking Ability

High Quality Educational wooden toys funny trailer circles bead labyrinth for babies and children free shipping

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GHS 70.00


With a rope tow holding baby can be flexible to play;
4 wheels design is convenient for babies to drag the product everywhere;

The wire around the beads formed around the shelf (the shelf wearing colors and shapes of beads);
Educational Objective: baby can be pulled around the bead when the small car to play, along with Mom and Dad can accompany baby, teaching baby with a small hand-toggle colors, shapes around the beads, one, two ….. a few to practice baby little hands of flexibility while training baby right shape, and color recognition.

** Develop eye-hand coordination
** Learn counting the beads
** Safe Wood with non-toxic paint

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